Saturday, December 19


The Community Church, like many churches is run by both paid staff and unpaid volunteers.  The church is led spiritually by a team of Leaders and our activities and events are overseen by a combination of church staff and volunteers.

Leadership Team:

Our Leadership Team is made up of Ioannis Dekas, Paul Pickhaver, Matt France, Cheray Dekas and Stephanie Edkins


Along with this team of Leaders there is also a team of Trustees who look after the financial concerns of the church. The Trustees are made up of seven people:

Dick Pretlove, Gordon Brook, Lynn Sales, Jonathan Rudd, Alison Barsby, John Howarth and Lucy Moreton.

Staff Team:

We are also fortunate to have a team of employees who work in our offices in Tolworth, Surrey:

  • Ioannis Dekas – Core Leadership Team
  • Paul Pickhaver – Core Leadership Team
  • Matt France – Core Leadership Team
  • Cheray Dekas – Core Leadership Team
  • Sue Rinaldi – Worship and PA Coordinator
  • Stephanie Edkins – Administration and Events Manager, Core Leadership Team
  • Brenda Steventon – Finance Officer