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12th November 2017 10.30am
Continues 3 part series on Life. Talk by Tops de Jager

5th November 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
First talk in a series on Live

29th October 2017 10.30am
Matt France
Authentic Living

22nd October 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Since we have....Let us

15th October 2017 10.30am
Cheray Dekas
Persistently guarding the Father's word

8th October 2017 10.30am
Fred Haberg
Apostolic Culture

1st October 2017 10.30am
Matt France
The Voice of Truth

24th September 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver

17th September 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Last in a series of three talks on Love

10th September 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Second in a series of three talks on Love

3rd September 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
First of a series of three talks on Love

27th August 2017 10.30am
Matt France
God has clothed us with Christ

13th August 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas

6th August 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Being Settled and Unsettled
Continuing theme of Faith

30th July 2017 10.30am
Matt France

23rd July 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Toxic Religion

9th July 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Toxic Words

2nd July 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Toxic Thoughts

25th June 2017 10.30am
Alan Platt
Sent to the World

18th June 2017 10.30am
Alan Platt
Spiritual fathering

11th June 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Carriers of Grace

4th June 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Where are you

28th May 2017 10.30am
Cheray Dekas
The Kingdom of God
A practical talk on how we can demonstrate the present Kingdom of God in our lives

21st May 2017 10.30am
Matt France
A Kingdom Perspective: Truth and Love

14th May 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Flourish 2. Testimony to the Resurrection
A different way of viewing giving. It is a joyful celebration.

7th May 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Flourish 1. The Spirit of Mammon

30th April 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Be Bold
Joshua was told to be and in Christ we can be too.

23rd April 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Representing God
How do we embrace the present word of God in our lives.

9th April 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Devoted: Part 4
Parallels between the church in Acts 2 and Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem remembered on Palm Sunday

19th March 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
Devoted: Part 2
The church was filled with joy in: knowing God, serving His church, living generously, relationship, the journey.

12th March 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Devoted Part 1
Our latest sermon looks at the church as it is depicted in Acts. People that chose to live and share life together and celebrate Christ within them

5th March 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
One Series: Look! Stories of faith
At the end of the Powerful One series we hear stories of how the word has impacted peoples' lives.

26th February 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
One Series: Look! Integrity [3]
The third talk by Ioannis Dekas in the Look Love Live series. Having discovered a new reference to our identity and the presence of God in our lives, we find ourselves empowered to live the integrity of the Christ life. For technical reasons this is the talk given on Sunday evening.

19th February 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
One Series: Look! Intimacy [2]
The second talk in this series by Ioannis Dekas

12th February 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
One Series: Look! Identity [1]
The first of a series of three talks by Ioannis Dekas. Second and third talks are on Intimacy and Integrity. Note that the talk was "interrupted" at about 34 minutes by a prophecy which is hard to hear before continuing.

5th February 2017 10.30am
Launch of Doxa Deo Community Church
Billy Kennedy, leader of the Pioneer Network, gives an encouraging word on the occasion of the launch of the new church. Alan Platt, leader of Doxa Deo Global, leads in prayer. His word given later that evening can be heard on the Doxa Deo London website.

29th January 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Freedom through Christ

22nd January 2017 10.30am
Ioannis Dekas
God meets you at the level of your expectation
Ioannis Dekas

15th January 2017 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Acceleration and Revelation
Paul Continues the series on Acceleration and Revelation

8th January 2017 10.30am
Acceleration and Revelation
An introduction to 2017 by Ioannis Dekas

27th November 2016 10.30am
Talk by three leaders
A brief introduction to what is happening in the merger of The Community Church and Doxa Deo London followed by talks from three of the leaders: Ioannis Dekas, Matt France and Paul Pickhaver.

23rd October 2016 10.30am
Gordon Brook
You Turn: Returning to your first love
What is our first love? How do we ensure it is Jesus? Dare we look down on the church in Ephesus.

16th October 2016 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
You Turn: Loving One Another
Paul talks about how we can grow in love for one another. He also explains plans for the future of the church.

9th October 2016 10.30am
Paul Pickhaver
You Turn: Living Holy Lives

7th August 2016 11.30am
Sean McIntyre comes back to his spiritual home to share God's heart for both us and the church.

17th July 2016 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Healthy Things Grow: Faith
Do you have a genuine faith that changes you and produces works? How can we grow in faith? Gordon Brook explains in the last of our Healthy Things Grow series.

10th July 2016 11.30am
Healthy Things Grow: Love
How do we love in the way the Bible says we should love? By Jon Brook.

12th June 2016 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Healthy Things Grow: Introduction
Paul Pickhaver introduces our latest teaching series and explains how the early church in Thessalonica has so much to teach us...

29th May 2016 11.30am
Pursued By Love: Nineveh and Beyond
Jon Brook closes our series looking at the story of Jonah; what do we learn about God and how can we learn from our mistakes?

22nd May 2016 11.30am
James Whymark
Pursued By Love: The Belly of the Whale
There are 3 things the story of Jonah encourages us to do each day, and we don't need to be in the belly of a whale to do them...!

15th May 2016 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Pursued By Love: The Running
When faced with the storms of life we need to trust God and pray, just like Jonah.

24th April 2016 11.30am
Finding Hope: Disappointment
How do we find hope when our prayers for healing are unanswered? Dr Phil Moore speaks in the final part of our Finding Hope series.

20th March 2016 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Palm Sunday and Our Hope
In Jerusalem they were hoping for the Messiah. What is our hope and what difference does it make to our lives?

13th March 2016 11.30am
Finding Hope: The Vine
Kerry Thomas and Rachel Smith from The Vine speak on finding hope through singleness and childlessness.

28th February 2016 11.30am
Finding Hope: God on Mute
How do we find hope when it feels like God is silent and how can we stay sure of his presence during times of disappointment? By Ian Nicholson, 24-7 Prayer International's European Director.

7th February 2016 11.30am
Maddy Priest
All Things New: A New Relationship
What does Philippians 3:7-11 teach us about pursuing a new relationship with Jesus?

31st January 2016 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
All Things New: A New Toolkit
What are the tools that God has given us so that we can live the lives he has called us to?

24th January 2016 11.30am
All Things New: A New Generosity
What is generosity, what does the Bible teach us about it and how can we be radically generous? By Keath Gaitskell, Leader of KingsGate Church, Kingston.

17th January 2016 11.30am
Chris Townsley
All Things New: A New Family
As a church, we are one family. Are we ready for God to move afresh amongst us...?

10th January 2016 11.30am
Gordon Brook
All Things New: A New Way of Thinking
Our thinking affects all we do. With the help of the Holy Spirit we can change it so we please God in every way.

3rd January 2016 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Vision Sunday
Our plan for the year ahead...

6th December 2015 11.30am
James Whymark
Building Family: Our Goal and Hope
The conclusion to our Building Family series; what exactly is our goal and hope and why on earth should we care...?

22nd November 2015 11.30am
Building Family: Caring for One Another
How do we care for ourselves so that we can care for others and what should be the foundation of all the decisions we make? By Paul Davis.

8th November 2015 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Building Family: Using Your Gifts
Use your gifts, grow your faith and encourage others. What are you waiting for- unwrap the gifts you've been given...!

1st November 2015 11.30am
Maddy Priest
Building Family: Spiritual Gifts and the Body
What are spiritual gifts, where do they come from and why should we use them?

25th October 2015 11.30am
Special guests from Bethel Church, California join us for one of our Encounter meetings to share God's wisdom and encouragement.

18th October 2015 11.30am
Dick Pretlove
Building Family: Action
We are called to be servants and builders but is there anything stopping us? How do we react if we fail, or if others fail around us?

27th September 2015 11.30am
Impacting Your World
As Christians, how do we impact our world and become agents of change? By Ioannis Dekas, Leader of Doxa Deo London.

20th September 2015 11.30am
James Whymark
Building Family: Love
What's love got to do with it? What is it, what did Jesus say about it and how do we have a love that lasts...?

13th September 2015 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Building Family: Introduction
Join us as we begin to explore what building family means and how it will transform our everyday lives.

16th August 2015 11.30am
Lynn Sales
I AM: The Resurrection and the Life
Resurrection life is for us, right here and right now. We don't need to wait until the end- it's here!

9th August 2015 11.30am
Jenni Whymark
I AM: The Light of the World
Everyone who follows Jesus will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Are you following him...?

2nd August 2015 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
I AM: The Bread of Life
Paul Pickhaver kicks off the first in our summer series, "I AM" looking at the sayings of Jesus.

19th July 2015 11.30am
Maddy Priest
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Through the Eyes of Children
Maddy encourages us to RECEIVE, be REAL and RESPOND. Will you...?

21st June 2015 11.30am
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Father
Two words sum up the relationship between God the Father and God the Son: love and obedience. Are we willing to love and obey...? By Dave Whymark.

14th June 2015 11.30am
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Presence
What do Jesus, Mary and Martha show us about the way we should live? By Paul Davis.
(We apologise that part of this talk is unavailable)

31st May 2015 11.30am
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Generosity
How does taking a fresh look at Jesus help us to examine our own views on true generosity? By Dave Whymark.

17th May 2015 11.30am
Gordon Brook
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Ascended
Why is Ascension Day important and how is it relevant to us today?

3rd May 2015 11.30am
Dick Pretlove
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Humble
Pride pushes people away but humility attracts them. How did Jesus show humility like no other...?

26th April 2015 11.30am
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Servant
Jesus took the nature of a servant and made himself obedient to death, so in following his example is there anything we're not willing to do for others...? By Dave Whymark.

19th April 2015 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Feeding the Hungry
How much do we want Jesus to give us a heart of compassion? How much will we achieve if we do...?

12th April 2015 11.30am
Heavenly Perspectives
A special Simply Worship meeting with Allan and Lizzie Cox from New Community Church, Southampton.

29th March 2015 11.30am
Gordon Brook
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Triumphant
What do the surprising things about the Palm Sunday story mean for us today?

22nd March 2015 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Sufferer
Who is Jesus, why was he crucified and what does it all mean for us today...?

15th March 2015 11.30am
Maddy Priest
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Mary's Son
Jesus was and is a gift from God. He wants a relationship with you, so how will you respond?

1st March 2015 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Deliverer
Jesus is our deliverer; he came to bring life in all its fullness and freedom. How great is his love for us!

22nd February 2015 11.30am
Chris Townsley
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Filled with the Holy Spirit
What has the Holy Spirit got to do with grace and law? How can we receive all that he has for us?

1st February 2015 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Holy Communion
In celebrating Holy Communion we look back and forward and experience the presence of Jesus together.

25th January 2015 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Temptation
We all experience testing times, but what do we learn from Jesus' example to overcome temptation in our lives?

11th January 2015 11.30am
James Whymark
A Fresh Look at Jesus: Intimacy with the Father
How can we get closer to God, why should we want to and what can we learn from the example of Jesus?

7th December 2014 11.30am
Gordon Brook
The Creed: Concluding Statements
Five great and exciting truths to finish this amazing statement of belief...

23rd November 2014 11.30am
The Creed: The Unstoppable Spirit
The Holy Spirit who connects us to God, empowers us to do his work and dwells within us. By Paul Davis.

9th November 2014 11.30am
Sue Rinaldi
The Creed: The Unbeatable Son - Part 2
Jesus: What did Gandhi think of him? What does Bono say about him? What did Jesus say about himself...?

2nd November 2014 11.30am
James Whymark
The Creed: The Unbeatable Son - Part 1
Why is Jesus "The Unbeatable Son"? He cares about the 'small' things, he substituted himself for us and true success belongs to him.

26th October 2014 11.30am
Gordon Brook
The Creed: The Unfathomable Father
We are called to enjoy the presence of our Father who is still sustaining the universe and to work with Him.

21st September 2014 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Now What...? - Part 1
How do you bring the hope of God into every situation you're in? You believe, you've prayed- so now what...?

17th August 2014 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Taking Up Our Position: Parallel
We should walk parallel to our Lord as we become more like Jesus. Like Jesus we should do the things the Father does including continually forgiving.

10th August 2014 11.30am
Chris Townsley
Fresh Manna
Consider Jesus. Don't harden your heart, listen carefully and respond to what the Father says and you will be blessed. Remember Jesus' command to love one another and his prayer for us to be in unity (John 17).

3rd August 2014 11.30am
James Whymark
Taking Up Our Position: Provided For By God
We are people provided for by God, but how can we position ourselves to live in the fullness of what that actually means?

27th July 2014 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Taking Up Our Position: Promised, Peaceful and Prosperous
God wants to see his kingdom grow in us and through us. How do we position ourselves as promised, peaceful and prosperous people?

22nd June 2014 11.30am
Sue Rinaldi
Faith on Fire - Romans 16
"To Rome, With Love" is the last in our series on Romans. It's the apostle Paul's postcard to the church there and in typical Sue Rinaldi style, is accompanied by musical intervals!

15th June 2014 11.30am
Maddy Priest
Faith on Fire - Romans 15
Who are we called to be? Join Maddy (and some of her friends!) as she takes us through the penultimate chapter of Romans. The video mentioned can be found here:

1st June 2014 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Faith on Fire - Romans 14
Do you thank God for broccoli...?! How do we get on with people who see things differently to us?

11th May 2014 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Faith on Fire - Romans 11
Has God rejected Israel? What lies in the future?

6th April 2014 11.30am
Gordon Brook
Faith on Fire - Romans 9
In Romans 9, Paul speaks about his fellow Israelites but also to us today.

30th March 2014 11.30am
Faith on Fire - Romans 8
Our first talk in Romanian from Iulian Ceptureanu, translated by Heather Spencer.

23rd March 2014 11.30am
Faith on Fire - Romans 7
The law alone isn't enough to enable us to live a godly life. So what is...? By Maddie Anlezark.

16th February 2014 11.30am
Chris Townsley
Faith on Fire - Romans 4
Abraham was "justified by faith" and so are we!

9th February 2014 11.30am
James Whymark
Faith on Fire - Romans 2
God's grace and salvation is for everyone- even YOU!

12th January 2014 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Faith on Fire - An Introduction to Romans
An introduction to our new teaching series "Faith on Fire" which looks the book of Romans.

5th January 2014 11.30am
Paul Pickhaver
Rooted In Love
What does it look like to be rooted in the love of God? How do we put him on display?

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